Vitamin C Brightening and Anti-Aging Soothing Gel, 300g


Rs.899 Rs.1,250


It is a gel type moisturised which administers moisture and a refreshing feeling in the skin. It is absorbed quickly and without stickiness, so it can be used on the body as well as the face after cleansing. Vitamin C brightens the skin, and various extracts help soothe tired skin, moisturising and soothing as well.

  • Hydrating nail essence for healthy nails.
  • Create a glowing look for makeup primer.
  • Soothing effect for simulated skin.
  • Silky smooth for hair treatment.
  • Cooling eyes & moisturizing lips.
  • After shave soothing Gel for Men.
  • Replenish moisture for body
  • As a moisture mask
  • Multi Purpose Soothing Gel
How to Use
For morning and night time, apply a small amount on the palm of your hand and smoothly apply to the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, please apply from time to time for it to absorb


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