Dr.Rashel Gold Serum 99.9% VIP All In One Pure Gold, 50ml


Rs.1,195 Rs.1,650


Luxurious serum for whitening, elimination of aging lines and a host of other Makeup primer: Use it as an effective primer before applying your makeup/foundation. Start your makeup routine by applying two to three drops on your face and pat it in. Hydrating eyes Use it under your eyes to.

Efficacy: Rich in hyaluronic 24k gold foil ,collagen anti-aging,smooth,tight pores,brighten skin tone, repair dry and rough skin

Moisturize heal fine lines; smooth firm skin; effective skin care; skin reproduce the glory
Can quickly infiltration dermis, the release of gold active ion, improve skin suction 10 times
Improve skin fine lines, dry lines, evenly brighten skin, revitalize and moisturize.

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