Dr Rashel Argan Oil Repairing Hair Mask, 40g


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  • Dr Rashel Argan Oil Repairing Hair Mask is a salon-grade treatment that brings the professional touch of a haircare session to the comfort of your home. Infused with the nourishing power of Argan oil extract and revolutionary steam heat technology, this mask dives deep into the hair shaft to revitalize and rehabilitate hair that has been damaged by chemical processes such as perming and dyeing. The thermal effect of the mask ensures that nutrients penetrate effectively, warding off static and banishing dullness for a sleek, lustrous mane.

    Key Benefits:

    • Deep Nourishment: Saturated with Argan oil, it delivers intense nourishment to thirsty strands.
    • Damage Repair: Formulated to target damage from styling, color, and perming.
    • Hair Structure Rebuilding: Works on a molecular level to quickly rebuild hair’s natural structure.
    • Prevents Static & Dullness: Boosts hair’s vitality, preventing static and lackluster appearance.
    • Professional Salon Care: Achieve salon-quality hair care results at home.

    How to Use:

    1. Wash Hair: Start with clean, shampooed hair.
    2. Apply Mask: Take an ample amount of the hair mask and apply it to your hair, concentrating on the ends and damaged areas.
    3. Heat Treatment: For maximum efficacy, apply heat with a hair steamer or wrap your hair in a warm towel to mimic the steam heat treatment.
    4. Wait: Leave the mask on for the recommended time on the packaging (usually around 10-20 minutes).
    5. Rinse Out: Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water.
    6. Style as Usual: Proceed to style your hair as you normally would, enjoying the renewed texture.

    Usage Frequency: Depending on your hair’s needs, this mask can be used once a week or as required for those with severely damaged hair.

    Skin Type Suitability: This mask is ideal for all hair types but is particularly suited for those with damaged, chemically-treated, or dry hair.

    Texture: Rich and creamy, allowing easy application and coating of the strands.

    Recommended Use: A rejuvenating and repairing treatment for hair that needs revitalization.

    Brand Information: Dr Rashel is recognized for its use of natural ingredients and innovative treatments formulated to provide high-quality hair care solutions.

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