Dr Rashel Aloe Vera Series (Pack of 6)


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The Dr Rashel Aloe Vera Series offers a complete skincare range infused with the natural benefits of aloe vera, known for its hydrating, soothing, and repairing properties. Let's take a closer look at each product within the series:

  1. Aloe Vera Primer Serum:

    • A pre-makeup serum that hydrates the skin and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  2. Aloe Vera Cleansing Mousse (92% Aloe Vera):

    • A gentle foam cleanser with a high concentration of aloe vera, ideal for removing impurities and providing a refreshing cleanse.
  3. Aloe Vera Essence Face Mask:

    • A face mask rich in aloe vera essence that nourishes the skin, reduces inflammation, and enhances skin hydration.
  4. Aloe Vera Eye Serum:

    • A targeted treatment for the delicate eye area to hydrate, reduce puffiness, and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  5. Aloe Vera Face Serum:

    • A face serum that deeply hydrates, soothes the skin, and may help in reducing signs of aging.
  6. Aloe Vera Skin Toner:

    • A toner enriched with aloe vera to balance the skin's pH, remove residual impurities, and tighten pores.

Key Benefits of the Aloe Vera Essence Face Mask:

  • Soothing Effect: Aloe vera is known for its ability to soothe and calm damaged or irritated skin.
  • Hydration Boost: Intense hydrating components deeply moisturize stressed skin and lock in moisture.
  • Reduce Inflammation: Regular use can decrease redness and inflammation, thanks to aloe vera's natural properties.
  • Firm and Fresh: Leaves your skin feeling firm, rejuvenated, and soft after each use.
  • Oil Control: Can help in regulating the production of excess oil.
  • Anti-aging: Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants which may aid in preventing premature aging of the skin.

How to Use the Aloe Vera Essence Face Mask:

  1. After cleansing and using the Aloe Vera Skin Toner, take the Essence Face Mask out of the packaging.
  2. Apply it evenly across your face, ensuring it adheres well to the skin.
  3. Leave the mask on for the specified time – usually around 15-20 minutes.
  4. Once removed, gently pat any remaining serum into the skin on your face, as well as on your neck, shoulders, and hands.

Using the Dr Rashel Aloe Vera Series, especially the Essence Face Mask, can be an integral part of your skincare regimen for maintaining healthy, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin. By leveraging the natural properties of aloe vera, this series offers a comprehensive approach to skin health that can cater to a variety of skin concerns.

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