Dr Rashel 24K Gold Collagen Cleanser Facial Milk, 50ml

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Dr Rashel 24K Gold Collagen Cleanser Facial Milk is a gentle yet luxurious cleanser designed to purify and nourish your skin. Infused with the richness of 24K gold and the firming properties of collagen, it not only cleanses but also tightens and hydrates your skin. This facial milk is your gateway to soft, moisturized skin that radiates health. Its lightweight formula acts as a perfect canvas for makeup or as a restorative night cream, ensuring round-the-clock care.


  • Provides deep cleansing while being gentle on the skin.
  • Offers a refreshing feel with a non-greasy texture.
  • Tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Delivers long-lasting hydration for a supple complexion.

Use For:

  • An everyday cleansing routine.
  • Prepping the skin before makeup application.
  • A nourishing night cream for continued hydration.


  • Contains real 24K gold and collagen.
  • Suitable for all skin types and daily use.
  • Versatile application for both day and night routines.
  • Comes in a 50ml bottle perfect for regular use.

Skin Type: Ideal for all skin types, catering to those in search of a radiant and moisturized complexion.

How to Use:

  • Begin with a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.
  • Dispense a small amount of facial milk onto your fingertips.
  • Gently massage into your skin using upward and outward strokes.
  • For daytime, let it settle as a hydrating base before applying makeup.
  • In the evening, apply as a nourishing night cream for deep hydration overnight.

Embrace the elegance and efficacy of Dr Rashel 24K Gold Collagen Cleanser Facial Milk. Use it daily to achieve a softened, tightened, and lasting moisturized skin that's prepared to face the day, or to recover its beauty throughout the night

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