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Features:- Whitening,Tighten Pores,Acne,Oil Control
Made in Dubai
Black Soap is good for thinning fine lines ,razor bumps and eliminates blemishes.
Charcoal face soap bar should last you at least for several months if you use it in daily basis.
This face wash soap helps with deep cleansing your facial skin and is a great addition to your acne treatment.
Dr Rashel Black Soap with Whitening Complex Collagen Charcoal for Pore Refining Oil Control Whitening Acne Anti-Aging 100g
A delicate facial black soap with Collagen, Black Charcoal and advanced Whitening Complex from the famous Dr Rashel, the best seller International brand from Dubai.
Effectively removes dirt, grime, make up residue and excess sebum, leaving the skin delicately clean.
Not harsh or drying, yet manage to control excessive oiliness or sebum.
Helps to control oil, whiteheads & blackheads and acne & pimples breakouts.
Makes skin appear fairer & more translucent. Pores appear smaller.
Skin stays fresh longer, and make up stays on longer throughout the day.
Great for controlling skin breakouts on the back & shoulders – use for shower.
Whitening & Anti-Aging effects.

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